The importance of a website in a company

Es necesario tener un sitio web en mi empresa

Nowadays technology has revolutionized our way of life, just a few years ago the only way to contact a company was in person. The internet has given us a great change, nowadays if a company is not found in a search engine it is as if it did not exist.

Speaking of websites, some company directors have come to say that it is not strategic or effective to invest money in digital marketing actions because they consider that their product is “different” with a longer purchase cycle and therefore does not need to be promoted on a website. This causes most websites to become static and with very little information.

An example of this is wasting the potential in the “contact” section, since it is often forgotten to inform the user and solve concerns, neglecting a business opportunity.

It is important to achieve a good online presence with our users and customers, a website where they can find valuable information about the products and the company.

In Puerta 14 we take care of giving a revolutionary environment to your company, we will teach you the importance of a website for your company.

A website allows you to achieve a positioning in Google.

When we search for a product we turn to the most important web browser: Google.

If a company wants to appear among the first options against the rest must work an SEO optimization of its content to achieve a good result.

In this same we relate:

  • Keywords throughout the text.
  • Images.
  • External links.

Google receives millions of searches annually, these results are reflected in Google Trend where we can see all the scope of information and internet search.

Why have a website?

The online presence helps to develop the image of the brand.

The company’s website should be the instrument to give online visibility to the brand and to inform in a correct way about all the products/services that are at hand for the consumer.

Having this presence on the internet means that the company is at the forefront of the market to offer the information and service to everyone who enters the website.

A business site can increase sales, more and more companies are incorporating a digital store service on their website.

The great benefit of the Internet is the accessibility, it is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which makes the website the virtual escape of a company, where prices, specifications, reviews and opinions about all products or services are shown.

Companies that do not yet take advantage of this feature are missing out on growth opportunities and are not reaching their audience correctly.

What should my website include?

The best elements to include to our website are real people giving testimonials of online success, this is too attractive because it involves the application of a product or service in a specific case.