3 books that will guide you in digital marketing strategies

As marketing specialists we can confirm that each brand and customer has different needs, so there is no golden rule that gives us the answer to achieve our goals. Of course there are manual tactics, but it is like going to war with the same strategy, the enemy will study it and will make the […]

Empowering women in Digital Marketing

Day to remember the struggle for equal opportunities, equity among people and the constant education of society in egalitarian values. Day to raise awareness of the presence of women in all areas, on equal terms. Focusing on the role currently played by women in the digital marketing sector; can we talk about equal conditions and […]

The best time to be on social media is NOW!

Social networks are everywhere. The digital world has grown exponentially since the 21st century and since the pandemic these have become a fundamental part, they are a huge opportunity to promote any brand, product or service. Social media marketing offers companies to reach a wider audience; allowing the brand to be seen by people who […]

Marketing for Mexico

We know that marketing is a set of actions focused on understanding and knowing how to manage the needs of an audience, the truth is that the way marketing is done can and MUST vary depending on the context. Actions such as the “tropicalization” of products, communication, packaging and even merchandising are fundamental to position […]

The importance of a website in a company

Es necesario tener un sitio web en mi empresa

Nowadays technology has revolutionized our way of life, just a few years ago the only way to contact a company was in person. The internet has given us a great change, nowadays if a company is not found in a search engine it is as if it did not exist. Speaking of websites, some company […]


Importancia de una agencia de marketing en tu empresa

Did you know that 45% of internet users search for products or services on networks (Source: We are Social). So, what are you waiting for to be in the digital world? As you may have noticed, it is becoming more and more complicated to stand out from the competition, nowadays you must always be one […]