3 books that will guide you in digital marketing strategies

As marketing specialists we can confirm that each brand and customer has different needs, so there is no golden rule that gives us the answer to achieve our goals. Of course there are manual tactics, but it is like going to war with the same strategy, the enemy will study it and will make the attack less effective because he already knows it.

In this blog we recommend 3 books that will help you design a good digital marketing strategy, take advantage of the recommendations in this list to understand where to take your next strategy.

1.- Click Swipe Tap Tap Tap: The definitive guide to digital marketing.

This is book by Juan Lombana shows us how to generate strategies that work, all explained in a concise, fun way and leaving aside complex marketing terms:

“My methodology for doing digital marketing that generates long-term profits is based on 3 pillars.”

  • Create an amazing product that the market is dying to buy.
  • Design a website that builds trust (and sales).
  • Make ads that sell every day, as well as valuable content on social networks to get followers and convert them into customers.

2.- A bedside book

The bedside book that every marketer should have. This text by Carolina Kairos shows us that it is possible to plan an impact brand, as well as the capacity of a brand to “be worth” and most importantly, to influence.

In this book you will find the methodology to find the answers to the questions: what is a brand for? and what are the values with which it reaches the market to be recognized?

This book reminds you at every opportunity in a didactic way what you need to learn in order to have a consolidated and, most importantly, well-constructed brand.

3.- Simple marketing

Mario Luis Cortés is behind this work in which he guides us in building a complete digital marketing strategy, with an editorial formula that the author himself explains is the result of a mixture of his 16 years of experience in the industry with a Story-brand methodology.

The narrative of this work contrasts with what is traditionally read and provides an important creative resource on how to create valuable or digitally strategic resources, as the author acknowledges that he consulted with OpenAL.chat, to make precisions of what was prepared to be published.

Putting together a good digital marketing strategy requires designing resources within this area, there is nothing better than learning from the experience of professionals who can give us recommendations to avoid stumbling over the same stone or better yet… To be able to use that stone!